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We often see people aren’t aware about the responsibilities, the key things that travellers need to know when it comes to being responsible on their journeys around the world. Few people actually go out of their way to be irresponsible, after all, but sometimes we just need a few reminders about how to get things right while on the road. Responsible tourism is all about leaving a positive impact on not only the environment, but also the people who live in the places we choose to visit. The result being not only a more ethical and responsible trip when it comes to travellers’ impacts, but also a more authentic, exciting and culturally immersive one for them too. Here is a quick guide to some of our top tips on how to be a responsible traveller. 


Before you travel

  • Read up on local cultures and learn a few words of the local language – so travelling into the different culture environment won’t create amy kind of issue to you. 
  • Always make a list of the tour shortlist the places to be visit,study about the place either via Internet or any of your travel company,make the plan little flexible just in case if needed. 
  • Remove all excess packaging. Although we all like to treat ourselves to bits and pieces before we travel, be aware that the packaging should have to be good with all the important things that are useful.              
  • Bring environmentally friendly products with you, especially if travelling off the beaten track. So, this means eco friendly sun creams, soaps, deodorants and so on, if you want to keep the environment as pristine as you found it.
  • Ask your travel company tips relating to responsible travel in your chosen destination. Will you need to be covered if visiting religious sites? Local places to visit ? Is there anything that is considered while travelling to that particular place ? 
  • Ask whether there are local conservation or social projects that you could visit on your trip. Please note, however, that we do not support visits to orphanages on holiday. You can read more about our stance on that.                                             

These are the few things that should be considered before you start travelling to a new place


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