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Travelling opens up the doors to a world that is both incredibly rewarding and desperately unfortunate. It’s up to you what side you would knock.
Here are the some of the responsibilities you should concern while you travel to a new place.
While you travel-:

  • Hire a local guide you’ll discover more about local people, their culture, the landscape and its wildest, most wonderful spots by hiking, biking or sailing with a local expert. 
  • Choose a good and safe place to stay, the place that is not so far, from the market or the places you wanna visit,choosing the stay is one of the main component of travelling.
  • Be careful what you buy,from where you buy, usually the shopkeepers cheat on the traveller’s by providing the cheap quality at high rates,Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods or ancient artefacts.

  • Respect people and the religion culture of them don’t do anything to  disrespecting  their religious traditions. The most important thing to remember is that you are visiting people’s homes, so think how you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.                                                       
  • Use public transport, hire a bike or walk when convenient – it’s a great way to meet local people on their terms and reduce pollution and carbon emissions.Good for you too.
  • We believe that through the ways we travel, the regions we decide to visit, and the choices we make on how we spend our money and where can have a positive impact on communities and families that are not as fortunate as ourselves.

“Key success to a happy trip” 


2 thoughts on “A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELLER(part-2)

  1. Agree! Travelling shouldn’t be just about the touristy things. Immersing and learning about the culture to help us become more open-minded should be a primary part of travel.

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