Most of Indian bikers feel a motorcycle is just a way of going from one place to another. But some of us know that it is much more than that. A motorcycle is a freedom which should be enjoyed. It’s an old saying “Four wheels move a body, Two wheels move a soul.” I strongly believe that it is true. Motorcycle means NO STOPPING and riding till the end. A biker should be proud of his bike and think of it as a part of himself.

By-Sagar Sheldekar

In foreign countries, most people don’t know how to ride a motorcycle and they feel surprised when they see a bike around. Bikers are like celebrities there. But India is blessed by the Biker God. Almost everyone knows how to ride a motorcycle here. Nowdays many girls are also learning to ride a bike. I feel very proud to be belonging to such a country. 

We all know the condition of Indian biking as compared to International standards. But we are making progress. Bikes with new technologies and designs are coming to India. I have rode many bikes from Hero Honda CD 100 to a Sports bike. 
I know there is a huge gap in how people feel when they aren’t riding a good heavy bike, but what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what bike you ride it’s bikers attitude that matters the most. Respect your bike and the world respects you.

By-Sagar Sheldekar

Biker appearance is not that important while riding but it boosts your confidence as a true biker. Some things are essential though. Always ride with a good protective helmet.Make sure you are wearing tough shoes. You can invest in a good leather jacket. Let me tell you something, leather never goes out of fashion.

Riding a bike and travelling on a bike now a days is more simpler than before,you might have different purposes of riding and travelling on a bike,that is why different categories and different segments of bikes are available in the market.

  • Cuiser

Cruisers are modeled after large American machines from the 1930s to 1960s – the most popular being Harley-Davidsons.This seating may not be ideal for beginners who are anticipating riding at higher speeds for long periods of time, since pulling back on the handlebars to battle wind can be tiring.

  • Dual-sport

Referred to as dual-purpose or on- and off-road motorcycles, dual-sport bikes have high seats and a high center of gravity to better handle rough ground. They’re similar to dirt bikes, except they feature mirrors and lights that make them legal to ride on public streets. Their small engines and lightweight frames make them a good choice for a rider.

  • Touring

Designed for long-distance riding, touring motorcycles have large engines and bigger fuel tanks. They give riders a comfortable, upright seating position and more storage, but their size and higher cost may make them more suited for experienced riders.

  • Sport Bike

Optimized for high speeds and acceleration, sport bikes have high-performance engines on a lightweight frame,sport bikes can be tiring because they put more weight on a rider’s hands and wrists.

  • Sport Touring

Consider these bikes a hybrid between a sport and touring motorcycle. Compared to a sport bike, sport touring bikes have more storage, but are overall lighter in weight compared to a touring bike. They also offer a more relaxed seating position.

You may choose one as per your requirement.
Only showing the bike is cool does not make it cool. Never hesitate to spend a little on your bike. A little customization can help a lot. Fit in some new performance parts, change  tyres and battery with time to new and better ones. A true biker blueprints his bike and this makes it the only one in the world. It will be his very own bike which does not have a copy. This will be good for the biker as well as the bike. Feel free to show your creativity and who knows where you may end up. Keep rolling till then.

It’s not just a motorcycle, it’s like your best friend. It takes you anywhere you want to go, understands your problems, keeps you in company and best of all it doesn’t talk back. Try going somewhere on your motorcycle just like that, unplanned. You don’t need a destination. You just need a direction. Just choose a road and let the throttle roll. It’s the most intense pleasure one can ever feel.

Take a moment and appreciate your bike. 


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